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Ethical Kind is a luxury sustainable sleepwear label for the conscious woman. Made from cruelty-free, 100% organic peace silk, its camisoles, sleep sets, kimono gowns and pillowcases are comfortable to sleep in and versatile to wear and take everywhere else.

In the early stages of building Ethical Kind, Lily made a serendipitous discovery about her Asian lineage; she hails from a long line of silk farmers and clothes makers. Having always admired her mother's skills in clothes making and acknowledging the difficult times she had working as a garment worker in her early years. This revelation felt like a confirmation and only brought the business that much closer to her heart. And thus, Ethical Kind was born.  

Marrying simple elegance in design with sustainability and ethicality, Ethical Kind seeks to build a sleepwear brand that nurtures, empowers and adds value to each of our stakeholders' lives every step of the way.

By making a conscious choice to use only Organic Peace Silk, she aims to showcase the increasing possibilities for the fashion industry to do good rather than harm to our world.

Each of us can make a positive impact, if only we remembered to choose with kindness.

Our Philosophy 

Luxury is the opportunity to choose the best for yourself, and for everyone else. Choose with kindness. 

Our Mission

We aspire to create a positive change for people who wear and make our clothes.  This includes the farmer that grow our raw materials, artisans and makers.  

Our Commitment

We offer beautiful items made from sustainable materials. Our fabrics are sourced from trusted suppliers of the finest natural textiles. We only collaborate with manufacturers whose processes we have approved for their ethics and quality.

Organic Peace Silk

Our collection is crafted from cruelty-free 100% organic peace silk, the world’s softest natural silk fibres, farmed sustainably, free from harmful pesticides, dyes, and bleaches and woven ethically by small community groups working in India.