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Ethical Kind is a conscious luxury brand, immersed in traditional heritage. As a social business, we integrate sustainability in everything we do from farm to fashion.  We aim for a 100% traceable and transparent supply chain and only collaborate with manufacturers whose processes we have approved for their ethics and quality.


Fair trade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. We purchase our raw materials directly from our mills who employs over 40 sericulture farmers and 50 weavers and their families in the local villages of Jharkhand, India. We pay a premium price to the farmer for their fibres and the makers, which addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest producers.


We champion cruelty-free Organic Peace Silk that supports the livelihoods of people, animals and the environment. For many years, Jharkhand being the most prominent place for silkworm cultivation in India saw villages slowly dying and being given over to factory-made fabrics. However, since the introduction to Organic Peace Silk, the team has been working with nearby villagers on the biological and non-cruel process to rear silk cocoons without using any pesticide, fungicide or genetic spray. Today, training is provided to villagers who want to learn the traditional methods of spinning yarn to weaving new fabrics. Together, we set out to revive the ancestral traditions of silk making and the livelihood of people through ethical production. 


By providing silk farmers with a reasonable price for their products, we are already making an impact. Yet we want to go beyond this and help to support the economic prospective of these rural communities, ensuring that those who wish to remain in sericulture can do so. Whether providing employment, solar energy, building schools, providing education materials or training in relevant skills, our supplier partnership provides a platform to meet the villager's needs and ensure self-sufficiency.


Silk is a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable with less impact on the environment than many other fabrics. We only use Organic Peace Silk that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. Meaning its production has defined the strict environmental and social criteria along the entire natural textiles supply chain. Not only is the seed and farming organic, but all of the production processes, including dyeing and printing, do not use any harmful chemicals.

Where possible, Organic Peace Silk production uses renewable energy sources such us solar-powered machines for the spinning, winding and plying of the yarn. New technology innovation also means organic peace silk now uses 75% less water consumption compared to the conventional silk processes.


We only source cruelty-free raw materials, such as Organic Peace Silk. Peace Silk means the breeding and harvesting of silk is done according to the principle of AHIMSA (Sanskrit: non-violence/cruelty-free) and manufactured under the most stringent social and natural conditions. While traditional silk manufacturing methods involve boiling the cocoons while the silkworm is still inside, Peace silk allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to the butterfly, so no animal suffers for fashion. This particular method can slow production, but it is fundamental to our philosophy and ethics. 


We have proudly partnered with a high-end, luxury clothing manufacturer who matched our brand ethics in East London. Having access to the factory and ability to meet the team behind the production was essential to making every piece in the strictest and most precise way possible.


We pay close attention to adopting environmentally-conscious practices in our production. All the tags are made with recycled card and the garment labels are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  To wrap your garments, we have opted for eco-friendly tissue wrap from No Issue that supports the Eco-packing Alliance,  which means for every order we make; trees are planted in much-needed areas, contributing significantly to global reforestation. Each order will come in an embossed luxury gifted box, which can be repurposed and is fully recyclable.  For the shipment, we use recycled cardboard packaging.