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5 beauty rituals to transform your skin and hair all while you sleep

We all know in the back of our minds that making time for yourself is downright essential. But life can get busy and when you're fatigued, over-stretched, and worried that even little things can get on top of you. What if you can transform your skin and hair all while you sleep? 

Making sure you look great and feel good in yourself, can help you be positive, healthy and resilient, and means you’ll be better equipped to cope with life’s challenges.  Here we share our five bedtime beauty rituals that will transform your skin and hair all while you sleep:

Tip 1. Sleep on Organic Peaces Silk Pillowcase


Chances are, you've already seen plenty of these fancy silk and satin pillowcases popping up in articles and on your social feeds. They're not a gimmick! Sleeping on a harsh fabric can cause hair breakage, and switching to silk pillowcase can help to keep your hairstyle from getting mussed up while you toss and turn since they're smoother than other fabrics. Organic Peace Silk is cruelty-free, made of natural organic silk fibres, kind to your skin and the planet.

Tip 2. Apply an Overnight Treatment

Managing frizzy, overly dry or broken ends can be super-frustrating, no matter the time of day. To help prevent your hair from going haywire, hairstylist recommends applying a hair serum/oil on your locks before heading to sleep. We love Tabitha James Kraan's Scented Organic Hair Oil, which is 100% natural formulated with organic sea buckthorn, rosehip, safflower, Goji berry and argan infused with essential oils that deliver a silky finish and luminous shine. Just a couple of pumps will do the trick. The idea here is to nourish and replenish your hair with the moisture it needs to look its best, not to oversaturate it with the product. The general rule of thumb of focusing hair products only on your lengths and ends also applies here. The very next morning, take your shampoo and apply it directly to your oily hair. Afterwards, start the shower and continue as you would with your daily routine.

Tip 3. Brush your hair before bed

Brushing your hair before bed might seem like a no-brainer. The quick and straightforward step of brushing your hair every night before bed can not only help to detangle your tresses, but it can also help evenly distribute your hair's natural oils from root to tip.

Tip 4 . Give yourself a scalp massage

Giving yourself a quick scalp massage not just helps stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, which helps keep them healthy, it can also be super relaxing and help lull you into a deep sleep. Run your hands through your hair from front to back and circular motion around your scalp, paying careful attention to all the little bumps and indents. Be sure to use a healthy amount of pressure, but don't push so hard that you feel pain or discomfort.

Tip 5. Invest in a scrunchie

Sleeping in a bun, especially if you have long or curly hair, is one of the useful hacks to prevent your hair from being messy or frizzy once you wake up in the morning. Keeping it up in a bun not just prevent yourself from the pull-effect from turning, it can add volume to your hair the next day. If you're putting it in a bun, be sure to secure it loosely with a soft peace silk scrunchie, the fabric will shimmy over rather than squeeze hair, so it'll be kink-free when released the next day, style intact.

We hope these bedtime beauty routines will be become a few minutes of a peaceful transition for you to slow down your pace and genuinely take care of yourself and body into a time of rest.

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