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Environmental & Eco-friendly

Dedicated to eco-friendly and responsible production, we choose each material with intention and care.  We prioritise using natural and organic fibres, cruelty-free production, support land regeneration, and aim to reduce waste and energy consumption where possible.

Ethical Kind - Organic peace silk cocoons and yarn


Silk is a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable with less impact on the environment than many other fabrics. We only use Organic Peace Silk that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. Meaning its production has defined the strict environmental and social criteria along the entire natural textiles supply chain. Not only is the seed and farming organic, but all of the production processes, including dyeing and printing, do not use any harmful chemicals.

Regenerative Farming in India


Exceptional silk begins with a clean environment and passionate growers. Our supplier, Project Cocccon, has implemented measures to teach its farmers beneficial concepts such as intercropping, rotational cropping and animal integration to promote regenerative agriculture and increase carbon potential in the land. For example, natural compost is used to substitute chemicals, and complete sericulture has been re-established as per pre-industrial methods. Farmland regeneration has resulted in reclaiming the lost biodiversity in the region.

Ethical Kind -Solar power reeling and spinning machine


Where possible, Organic Peace Silk production uses renewable energy sources such us solar-powered machines for the spinning, winding and plying of the yarn. New technology innovation also means organic peace silk now uses 75% less water consumption than conventional silk processes.


Project Cocccon does not use any toxic chemicals from farm to factory. Wastewater from printing and finishing is recycled and reused for further use through its in-house bio-ETP plant. 
Organic peace silk silk worm in the wild 


We only source cruelty-free raw materials, such as Organic Peace Silk. Peace Silk means the breeding and harvesting of silk is done according to the principle of AHIMSA (Sanskrit: non-violence/cruelty-free) and manufactured under the most stringent social and natural conditions. While traditional silk manufacturing methods involve boiling the cocoons while the silkworm is still inside, Peace Silk allows the completion of the silkworm's metamorphosis to the butterfly, so no animal suffers for fashion. This particular method can slow production, but it is fundamental to our philosophy and ethics. 


Organic Peace Silk Moth


Organic Peace Silk is a process that saves the lives of beautiful silk moths. The moths contribute to the local pollination similar to bees that is vital for preserving local botanical life cycle. 

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