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What is Organic Peace Silk?

Organic Peace Silk is also known as non-violent, cruelty-free or Ahimsa silkPeace Silk means the breeding and harvesting of silk is done according to the principle of AHIMSA (Sanskrit: non-violence/cruelty-free) and manufactured under the most stringent social and natural conditions. 

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Lotus Print Kimono Gown Modelled by two models at the window

What makes Organic Peace Silk Special?

Cruelty-free, Vegan-friendly Silk

Organic Peace Silk allows the completion of the silkworm's metamorphosis to the moth stage, whereas most conventional silk manufacturing methods involve boiling the cocoons while the silkworm is still inside. No animal suffers or dies for the silk to be produced, making it a favourable silk alternative to ordinary silk for those who do not believe in harming animals.
Once the butterflies have left their cocoons, the cocoons are processed without the use of harmful chemicals and the fibres are spun using solar-powered machinery. This particular method can slow production, but it is fundamental to our philosophy and ethics.  

Regenerative Farming and Organic Sericulture

Organic peace silk production is designed to sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It means, the trees which provide the feed for the silkworms to grow are not treated with fungicides, insecticides or genetic sprays; this has a positive impact on the size of the cocoon and the quality of the silk thread, it also significantly reduces water pollution that results from conventional silk production practices. It also promotes better and healthier working conditions for the farmers too. 

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Silk

Silk is one of the world's most natural luxurious, strong and durable fibres. It is a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle. Meaning, you can then use it in compost or mulch production instead of dumping it at the garbage site, as you would do with most petroleum-based and synthetic fabrics.  


The silk is GOTS certified, farmed sustainably and produced free from harmful chemicals and dyes. It includes zero-carbon production and 75% less water consumption than conventional silk too, making them a more sustainable, friendly and healthier choice.  


Organic Peace Silk is the alternative for people who care about the lives of animals and the environment and for the people who appreciate the queen of luxurious silk fibres feminine grace and beauty.