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Why what you wear to bed matters?

Pictured: Model in Organic Peace Silk Camisole Set in Black

A good night's sleep is transformative and mighty above all else in supporting our physical and mental wellness, especially for meeting the demands of today's modern women in simultaneous roles as leaders, daughters, mothers, and wives. 

Research has shown poor sleep to be linked to higher risks of obesity, heart disease and cancer, as well as depression, stress and even our ability to process emotional information. Health professionals are increasingly referring to sleep as the single most beneficial thing we can do for preventative care. In contrast, good sleep can increase immune function, improve concentration and productivity, and maximizing athletic and work performances.

So the question here remains: how does sleepwear tie into all of this? Well, as it turns out, what you wear to bed matters just as much as other factors such as scheduling a consistent bedtime.  It is important to wear loose, breathable fabrics that can help regulate body temperature. Research shows that thermal setting is one of the most critical factors affecting sleep quality. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the warmer your body is, the harder it will be to sleep well; hence keeping your body cool in relation to your room temperature is crucial in achieving good sleep. 

Here are five surprising benefits for wearing Organic Peace Silk to bed:

1.    Regulates body temperature – Organic silk fibers are naturally thermoregulating, light and breathable, meaning, they keep your body cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

2.    Avoid allergies and irritation  -  Organic silk has a natural dense protein structure known for its hypoallergenic properties and a sticky protein known as sericin in the fibre that naturally helps repels allergens such as pest and mites. Another known allergen common to humans are chemicals, organic peace silk has a natural softness and does not need chemicals to boast about a soft texture; it is 100% organic origin and free from harmful chemicals.  It ensures the skin stays clear and free of irritation.

3.    Slows down ageing – While cotton and polyester material withdraw moisture from the skin through a night's sleep, silks tightly woven, smooth fibre help keeps moisture close to the surface and maintain its youthfulness.  The natural essential amino acids and natural protein in silk can also trick the nervous system into relaxing, thus, smoothing out lines we develop through age.

4.    Natural anti-fungal - In the area of women's health, a study by the University of Bologna showed that silk underwear might reduce itching and redness associated with recurrent vaginal yeast infections.  Half of the study participants wore briefs made from silk, and the other half wore cotton. After six months, researchers found that 90 per cent of the silk group had fewer symptoms, and recurrences were decreased by 50 per cent.

5.    Improve your self-care. The natural softness of the Organic Peace Silk coaxes your nervous system into relaxing,  just like when you treat yourselves to a massage, a relaxing day at the beach or a quiet evening in the bathtub. Whatever your escape, slipping into organic peace silk is a perfect way to end your day. There is no authentic luxury experience to feel the soft, smooth and intimacy of silk against your skin when you go to bed at night.

As such,  Ethical Kind has designed their luxurious sleepwear and robe collection from 100% cruelty-free organic peace silk, especially to support you in meeting the demands of today's modern women by helping you achieve the one thing that is key to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing: the luxury of a good night's sleep.

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