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Best Mother's Day Gift For Mums and Mums To Be

Mother Days Gifts for Better Sleep

Since becoming a mother to a young baby boy, Thomas, who will be 16 months old next week. I have a newfound respect for my mum and all mothers out there. I understand why every mum values a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation hits a whole new level of meaning with a new baby in your life. It's nothing like the pre-baby days of pulling an 'all-nighter' – with a baby, fewer hours are spent sleeping, and the sleep you get is frequently broken, which can be very tiring and unsettling. Hence, what better way to show your love and appreciation than to treat the mother in your life with a gift that gives them their well-deserved beautiful nights of sleep? Here are some of our favourite Mother's Day gifts: 

For those wanting to step up their beauty sleep

Natural peace silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, and provide breathable comfort for a sumptuous night's sleep. It's cool, smooth finish feels sensational to sleep on, particularly helpful for restless sleepers. Many dermatologists, beauty therapists and salons recognise that sleeping on a natural silk pillowcase can also provide many beauty benefits. The smooth silk surface won't pull at your skin or hair nor wick moisture away from your skin overnight, so serums, creams and sleep masks sink in more efficiently and ensure your skincare products maximise their full potential.

 Ethical Kind Peace Silk Pillowcases

For those who have trouble sleeping day or night

sleep mask can be a game changer. Sleep masks work by blocking out light. Light or artificial light can disrupt our internal body clock by suppressing melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone leading to sleeping issues and insomnia. This silk sleep mask is broader and deeper than traditional flat eye masks and fits comfortably on your face to block out any external light completely. It is internally padded with Noil Silk to add light pressure for stress relief and help you fall asleep sooner. Moreover, the silk covering won't eat up skin care products like eye creams and face moisturisers. It also reduces friction around the delicate eye area, so you can wake up feeling restored, rested and refreshed.

Ethical Kind Peace Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask

For the one always on the go

From the bedroom to the streets, think of pyjama sets, slips, camisoles sets and kimono gowns for those who are always on the go. Regardless of your preference, you can't beat the feel of lustrous silk for catching more restorative sleep. It drapes your shape perfectly while balancing your body's temperature so you can sleep well regardless of the weather. For daywear, you can team slips with a chunky knit or double it as minis; you can belt up robes to make dresses or layered over an outfit as duster coats. While silky pyjamas, worn together or as separates, are deemed trendy and work-appropriate, simply add a cute clutch and a pair of heels or team your silk with jeans or knits with silk trousers. The possibilities are endless.

Ethical Kind's Women OrganicPease Silk Pyjamas as Daywear

For those in need of some hair TLC

Elastic hair ties are convenient for throwing your hair up into a ponytail and out of the way, but removing them can create friction and tug on your strands, leading to fragile strands, damaged and increased frizz hair. On the other hand, silk scrunchies offer a more stylish alternative to elevating your look. The smooth fabric is soft, comfortable, and effortlessly glides over hair, reducing friction and minimising hair frizz and breakage. You can even match your silk scrunchies to our silk pillowcase and eye mask for a complete bedtime gift set.

Ethical Kind Silk Scrunchies, Sleep Mask and Silk Pillowcase Gift Set

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