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Is peace silk better than regular silk?

Is organic peace silk better than regular silk


Why is organic peace silk better than regular silk? It’s a common question that’s asked. Here, we dive into why we choose organic peace silk, a choice that matters.

Eight reasons why organic peace silk is better than regular silk.

1. Sustainable production

Ethical Kind Peace Silk - Sustainable production

2. Protecting animal welfare

Ethical Peace Silk protects animal welfare

3. Regenerative farming practice

Ethical Peace Silk Practice Regenerative Farming

4. Avoid use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals

Ethical Peace Silk avoid use of synthetic chemicals and fertilisers
5. Cruelty-free, protecting biodiversity

Ethical Peace Silk is cruelty-free
6. Preserving local skills and heritage

Ethical peace silk preserve skills and heritage
7, Eco-friendly and less water consumption

Ethical peace is eco-friendly and use less water that regular silk production
8. GOTS certified silk

Ethical Kind Peace Silk is GOTS certified
Organic peace silk is more sustainable and ethical than regular silk, protecting the environment where it is grown whilst also providing a stable income with fair wages for those who produce it. Organic peace silk uses no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, promotes regenerative farming methods, and uses less water than standard silk production.

The advantages of organic peace silk extend beyond sustainability, ethics and economics. Organic peace silk clothes are also of higher quality, softer, and more durable. 


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