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Planet Silk: What Makes Organic Peace Silk Precious?

Also known as ahimsa/non-violent silk, organic peace silk is produced from silk threads extracted from cocoons only once the silkworm has emerged naturally as a butterfly. Unlike traditional methods, these silk caterpillars are not treated with any chemicals to boost its size, nor are they fed on trays with gene manipulated leaves from pesticide-contaminated soil. Peace silk caterpillars happily feed on organic leaves in the wild until they are ready to spin their cocoons.

In contrast to the less humane process, where the cocoons are boiled with the chrysalis still alive inside; peace silk takes an extra 10-14 days for the chrysalis to hatch as a butterfly. The hatched butterflies become part of the natural cycle and increase the biodiversity of the region. The resulting one-sixth of the filament gives rarity and undeniable elegance of this exclusive fabric, a delicately pleasing, softly soothing and nature’s most respectable gift for the skin.  

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