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Regenerative Silk - Supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Farming Practices

Regenerative Silk Farming by Ethical Kind

At the heart of Ethical Kind's commitment to sustainability lies regenerative agriculture. By utilising organic peace silk sourced from regenerative agriculture for our luxury sleepwear label, we actively contribute to the restoration and enhancement of ecosystems. The silk sourced for Ethical Kind is produced in Jharkhand, India, one of the country's largest producers of tasar (silk). Learn how our dedication to regenerative agriculture ensures that every thread of our sleepwear is produced in harmony with nature, promoting soil health, biodiversity, and a brighter future for generations to come.

What is regenerative silk farming?

Regenerative silk farming is an approach to silk production that focuses on restoring and enhancing the health of ecosystems and communities involved in the process. It goes beyond sustainable practices by actively working towards improving the environment and social well-being.

Soil Regeneration

Regenerative peace silk production begins with the cultivation of Asan and Arjun trees - the crop silk worms thrive on and are grown in converted organic soil. Instead of chemicals or pesticides, the farms use natural compost instead of substitute chemicals. Our silk producers have implemented measures to teach their farmers beneficial concepts such as intercropping, rotational cropping and animal integration, which help mitigate emissions, improve soil fertility, increase resource efficiency, reclaim lost biodiversity, and improve long-term farmer's livelihoods.


Regenerative Peace Silk uses non-violent Ahimsa or peace silk extraction. This method involves waiting for the silkworms to leave the cocoons naturally before collecting the silk fibres, ensuring that the silkworms are unharmed in the process. The silk moths contribute to the local pollination, similar to bees, which is vital for preserving the local botanical life cycle. 

Conversely, conventional silk farming often involves the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and genetically modified organisms. It also includes practices harming silkworms, such as boiling cocoons to obtain silk. Conventional silk farming can negatively impact the environment, including soil degradation, water pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Water Usage

In addition to these practices, the silk farm has implemented a GOTS-approved degumming method (degumming is the process of removing the sericin or gum from silk yarn to improve the sheen, colour, hand, and texture of the silk, a process which is usually chemically intensive), and use minimal water in a closed loop water system. It requires 1/4th of the water compared to conventional silk in irrigation and during degumming. This means there's more clean water available for plants, humans and animals. 

Social Responsibility

By championing these indigenous farming methods, we also protect the people and communities whose livelihoods rely on it. The farmers receive a fair wage all year round on the various crops they produce alongside the silk, and by keeping the entire silk production chain centrally, we cut out 'the middle man' and ensure all workers can benefit from the goods they produce.

Benefits of Regenerative Peace Silk:

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Benefits of Regenerative Peace Silk 2/3

Consideration for Regenerative Peace Silk:

Consideration for Regenerative Peace Silk 3/3

In summary, regenerative silk farming is more holistic and sustainable than conventional silk farming. It focuses on environmental restoration, biodiversity conservation, and social responsibility, making it a more ethical choice for those seeking sustainable, eco-friendly silk products.

With our label's dedication to using organic peace silk from regenerative agriculture, you can indulge in the finest sleepwear while knowing that you're making a positive impact on the planet. Embrace sustainable luxury and join us in redefining the future of fashion, one peaceful night's sleep at a time.

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