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The story behind our white lotus organic peace silk kimono gowns

White lotus flower

The inspiration

When I first came across the small community of organic peace silk farmers in Jharkhand, India, I knew this was a fabric I wanted to create my first collection. Historically, silk production is a process that has larger unchanged in centuries. It first dates back to the 27th century BC in China, where live cocoons are thrown into boiling water to kill the silkworms to prevent them from eating into the thread filament while exiting as moths. The silk thread filament is then reeled from cocoons of silkworms and spun into fine yarn. China remained in the sole use of silk until the silk road opened a commercial route from China to the Mediterranean Sea.

In India, Mohandas Gandhi's non-violent philosophy inspired the inventions in cruelty-free silk in 1990. Based on a social responsibility platform, an Indo-German venture began promoting wild silk or semi-wild silk in parts of Indian for those who do not want to wear silk produced by killing silkworms as "Ahimsa silk" or "peace silk". The sustainable utilisation of the workforce, ecology, and natural resources has provided farmers and weavers with a comfortable lifestyle and social and economic self-dependency for their families. However, peace silk remains relatively unknown and under threat, namely by the cheaper conventional silk and synthetic alternatives, which is produced faster and sold at much lower prices. 

At Ethical Kind, we are passionate about promoting a regenerative future and supporting this highly skilled craftsmanship and protecting the textile itself's in these marginalised communities. One way to do this is by bringing the beauty of organic peace silk to you in our designs.

Kimono Design

Ethical Kind Kimono Design

Why a kimono? I've always find silk kimonos to be the ultimate indulgence, with its graceful and exquisitely detailed and versatility. Silk kimono are made perfect for wearing indoors or as a beautiful outer layer during the hotter months. What's more, a traditional kimono design's straight hems, minimal arm shaping, and rectangular panels make the kimono the ultimate zero waste garment. Zero waste is a fundamental aspect of our approach to establishing a sustainable business. 

Our white lotus kimono gowns are made with double-layer silk, giving it a mid-weight and sensual feel on the inside and outside. Each kimono offers a flowing silhouette with a soft tie back waist belt for you to tie a knot at the back and cinch the kimono while showing off the rest of your outfit.

White Lotus Print

Ethical Kind White Lotus Print Development DesignEthical Kind Lotus Print Design Development 2Ethical Kind Lotus Print Development Design 3

The White Lotus print was nature-inspired; seeing the white lotus flowers rising above the murkiest of waters to bloom in great beauty was poignant. I saw the floral's purity and devotion as in conscious consumerism. As the lotus flower emerges from muddy water against a polluted fashion Industry, it remained true to its value, i.e. in sustainability, and ethical production, to showcase products of beauty.  

As a British-Chinese designer and yogi, the white lotus also draws on Asian cultures and philosophy. The lotus flowers have long been symbolic in Hinduism and Buddhism, and the colour white symbolises purity, honesty, and new beginnings. And in a yogi's nature, the lotus petals is likened to many dimensions by which unfolding one after another, blossoms eternally. Just like a new business or individual, we unfold by learning and evolving.


Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Kimono Gown Full LengthEthical Kind Organic Peace Silk Kimono Gown Close UpEthical Kind Organic Peace Silk Full Length -Zero Waste Design


I hope you'll get to encase your body in one of our peace silk kimono dressing gowns. Whether you wear it as a cover-up over nightwear or drape as a silk kimono jacket over a simple camisole and jeans. Its romantic shapes and soft fabric are ideal for adding a sophisticated slant to daytime looks or dressy evening wear.

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Kimono-Full length, evening wear

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