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What to look for in an ethical silk face mask?

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Face Mask Modelled in Black

We had researched what fabric makes for the best face mask and scientifically found silk to most effective fabric as a face covering.  With this in mind we dived into our archived of premium organic peace silk fabrics to create these beautiful ethical silk face masks with filter pockets to help protect your skin and your health.

Here is what to look for in our ethical silk face masks:

1. Cruelty-free, organic peace silk

First and foremost, we decided to use our premium natural peace silk from our fabric archive. Not only does this reduce waste, but we know these face masks will love and nurture your skin and protect you and others at the same time. This fabric is made from cruelty-free, GOTs certified organic silk fibres, i.e. produced without the killing of the silkworms. While the production of traditional silk, the silkworms are boiled alive; Organic Peace Silk allows the silkworms to go through metamorphosis to its moth's stage. It is a natural, organic fabric that does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes that might otherwise aggravate the skin.

2. Double-layered & lightweight and a breathable fabric

These face masks are double-layered with silk facing on the inside, and outside. Its silky softness glides across the face without causing any irritation to the skin. As a lightweight and breathable fabric, it is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

3. Face masks with filter pockets 

While the two layers are considered effective against contaminated particles. These face masks feature a slot between the layers of fabric; this allows for a filter to be inserted shall you required it for additional protection. The combination of cloth and silk working together creates an even greater filtering capacity

4. Adjustable, 100% Eco-friendly, plastic-free silk face mask

While many adjustable face masks use synthetic polymer elastic and silicon plastic cord stoppers, our ethical silk face masks are made with an Eco elastic cord (made of 40% certified organic cotton and 60% natural rubber). Our adjustable ear straps are thread through two natural round wood beads, so you can pull it to the length required for a snug fit.  

5. Washable, reusable, responsible face mask

Our organic Peace Silk face masks are washable and reusable so can be used time and again. It is made entirely plastic-free to reduce the detrimental environmental impact currently reported by the increase in the use of disposable face masks. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms, as a natural fibre and is biodegradable.

Sadly, face masks have become a responsible and practical safeguard in the world we live in today. We recommend that you do not settle for plastic or synthetic face masks that will overheat your face and give you skin problems. We hope you will like our organic peace silk face masks, they not just looks lush; it combines the many beauty and health blessings of silk to protect your skin and your health.  

Our limited edition organic peace silk face masks are now available to purchase on-line.

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