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Why Wear Organic Clothing?

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Camisole Set in Ivory, close up

Your skin is the largest organ on your body; what it is exposed to it absorbs, so choosing healthy clothes for your skin and well-being is essential.  We produce our silk clothing from certified GOTs and fair trade, 100% Organic Peace Silk, no only it improves skin appearance and overall health, but it comes with a host of extended benefits.

Benefits of Organic Peace Silk Clothing:

1. Better Lives For Silk Farmers

Organic peace silk is an organically produced natural fibre produced from cocoons without killing the pupae, known as peace silk or Ahimsa silk. The organic plant that feeds the silkworm is grown on land cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The land is treated and given ample time to remove all of the toxic residues. 

These synthetic chemicals used in agriculture and process can lead to poisoning, causing various health problems for silk farmers and workers. Reportedly, there have been acute incidences of poisoning due to chemical insecticides and pesticides that thousands of poor farmers in developing countries lose their lives. Organic silk production ensures a healthy life for the farmers and their families.

2. Reduce Environmental Impact

Since the organic peace silk cocoons are without impurities, using hard metals chemicals to remove impurities is not required. Hence, organic peace silk uses 1/4th of the water for degumming compare to conventional silk.  

The moths freed from the peace silk cocoons are similar to bees; they contribute to local pollination, vital for the botanical life cycle and biodiversity.

Unlike organic fabrics, synthetic fabrics are human-engineered from petroleum-based materials and contain both chemicals and microfibres. They require a complex processing procedure; the garments created from synthetic fibres are non-biodegradable, spending about 30 or more years in a landfill before they start to decompose. Silk natural fibre is biodegradable and will break down after discarded.

Silk is an excellent zero-waste fabric, as all of silk's byproducts are integrated back into the local ecosystem and economic system. For example, the mulberry fruits are eaten, the wood is used for timber or fuel, the foliage is fed to cattle, extra waste is used as fertilizer, and lower quality silk is used to fill in silk products duvets. Sericin, recovered from the wastewater, can be added to food, cosmetics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

3. Better For You

Help reduce skin irritation

Organic peace silk is softer and lighter than conventional silk since it does not receive any synthetic chemical finishes or treatments. These include anti-static, fire retardant, easy-care, anti-pilling, stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and use metallic salts to weight silk. Many of these chemicals used in conventional silk are toxic and suspected carcinogens and can cause people's allergies and health risks.

Helps prevent allergies

The silk natural protein structure has hypoallergenic properties; its dense fabric structure prevents the build-up of soil, dirt, and other microscopic foreign bodies that may trigger an allergy and is most compatible with people with sensitive skin. It is one reason why silk is an excellent alternative to the usual cotton active and nightwear.

Help keeps you comfortable and youthful-looking.

While cotton and polyester material withdraw moisture from the skin through a night's sleep, silk can maintain this very moisture necessary for keeping youthful, vibrant skin. Natural silk has excellent air permeability and thermoregulation, which means skin breathes easily in silk clothing. In the summer, it keeps you cool, and in the winter, it keeps warm. It is another reason why silk makes for an excellent sleep companion.

By wearing organic peace silk clothing, you promote organic agriculture as a production method that aims to preserve natural resources and diminish health risks for people and wildlife.

We do hope we have shared some helpful information. Whether it's healthy, organic or inorganic, it is a personal choice. Choose well!

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